Undoubtedly, the rental market has been strained by the novel virus otherwise known as COVID-19 resulting in widespread travel and nonessential business restrictions.

However, contrary to what popular opinion would suggest, there is every indication that the short-term rentals are much more resilient as numbers have shown no significant decline in short-term rental hosts across the world.

Predictions have it that there will be an increase in STR (Short-Term Rental) once travel bans are lifted, as more people would seek to supplement or adjust their income in any way they can. More budget-conscious travelers would seek more affordable rental options as the total number of STR would witness a rise because of the economic fallout.

Meanwhile, the current pandemic has changed the focus for both landlords, property managers, short-let operators, and tenants as they are more eager about one thing ‘’SAFETY’’ and this has made apartments CLEANING more rigorous than ever.

Cleanliness and Hygiene is the new five-star rating

To win back the confidence of travelers and tenants and encourage them to step outside of their comfort zones of control, short-let and hotel operators are going beyond conventional cleaning procedures.

Ever since the breakout of COVID-19 pandemic, cleaning and more precisely keeping apartments and buildings safe has become the order of the day. Cleaning routines and protocols have taken a new meaning as short-let operators are taken extra measures to ensure the safety of their guests.

As for Topaz boutique hotels and apartments located in Lekki phase1, Lagos, Nigeria, cleanliness has always been a priority even prior to the COVID-19 crisis, hence increasing measures were not so difficult since the framework was already in place.

Cleanliness as Safety

Regarding the new cleaning measures, many cleaning programs are been introduced across cities inspired by those set by Centres for Diseases Control to ensure safety. Though the use of more cleaning products comes at a cost, it is worth it to keep the residents and guests safe.

In support of the safety and cleanliness recommendations by public health officials in maintaining personal hygiene such as constant washing of hands and sanitizing, Topaz has upgraded its cleaning schedules which include cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces, such as doorknobs, door handles, keypads, handrails frequently.

They also make provision for a tap with running water and soap strategically positioned at the entrance of the compound, hand sanitizer upon entering the reception and checking of body temperature with an infrared thermometer.

Many hotel companies and short-let operators are also coming out with new cleaning standards which includes using electrostatic spraying technology to spread disinfectants that broadly kill germs in rooms. In a similar manner, Topaz has earlier announced its enhanced cleaning practices with germ-killing disinfectants whenever a guest checks out.

Also in accordance with the health and safety guidelines by public health authorities which include social distancing, and to ensure the safety of their workers, guests of Topaz are been provided with cleaning materials in their apartments to ensure personal hygiene protection while maintaining social distancing.

Undoubtedly, cleaning has taken a whole new meaning in apartments buildings and hotels as rules and guidelines on how to clean, what use and how to stay safe while cleaning has become the new order and property managers are even advertising their superior cleaning regimens and services as a perk to get the best renters in their buildings.

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