The current COVID-19 pandemic has left a huge remark on almost every industry across the globe with a lot of change in policies, operations, and services.

Following the lockdown rules and restrictions caused by the pandemic, which forced people to stay indoors or work from home if necessary, a lot of brands while trying to stay relevant pivoted to digitize their business to navigate unprecedented challenges.

Though the retail store as one of the essential businesses permitted to operate amidst the crisis stayed opened, digital transformation has become a necessity now more than ever as consumers are changing their shopping behaviour in ways that could shape future buying patterns in response to the spread of novel coronavirus.

Prompted by the coronavirus outbreak, online shopping is increasing in great numbers and more frequently and this does not seem to drop in the near future.

Deborah Weinswig, founder and CEO of New York-based Coresight, as cited in their survey said ‘’This year’s survey results saw a big increase in expectations to buy groceries online in the coming 12 months, and we suspect much of that is due to the impact of the coronavirus.”

Supermarkets are introducing digital tools such as online shopping to carter for their respective consumers, and according to Nick Nickitas, the CEO of Rosie – an online grocery app, an estimated 80% of consumers who tried this new digital tools for the first time will continue to take advantage and blend it seamlessly into their lives.

As online grocery has exploded globally during the coronavirus pandemic, D’EDGE Mart, one of the favorite neighborhood supermarkets located in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, is leveraging on this by creating a seamless online experience for its customers.

In order to cope with greater online demand, carter to existing customers that are unable to shop in-store due to self-isolation regulations or vulnerability, and avoid losing out to competitors, grocers have started to sell through online portals.

For shoppers who are unable to shop in-store, D’Edge Mart Lekki Phase 1, offers a wide range of items where customers can easily make their purchase online at their own convenience.

In addition to that, they have also introduced an online survey with incentives for participants as a way to engage and ascertain the buying habits and the needs of their customers in other to provide them with the best shopping experience, especially during this period of crisis.

Though more shoppers are making additional stock-up trips to the grocery store, online ordering is ramping up.

In less than one year, the online grocery shopping rate has doubled tremendously. According to the 2020 survey by Coresight, the report shows that 52% of actual online grocery purchasers and 62% of planned online grocery buyers against 36% and 39% respectively as of 2019.

Generally, as the pandemic has forced everyone to shift activities to online such as working, learning, and playing online so shall it be for shopping, as the last online laggards adjusted to online commerce, they will likely not go back.

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