One of the most common types of pharmacy that allows the public access to their medications and advice about their health is the neighbourhood pharmacy, also known as retail pharmacy.

The good news about neighbourhood pharmacy is that they are always at the disposal of their community and the public in providing personalized advice about health and medicine on a walk-in basis, without the need for an appointment, hence considered to be most accessible health professional to the public.

Whether you go to the pharmacy to fill a prescription or get some other health and pharmaceutical products and services, the team at Medsquare Pharmacy in Ikate Elegushi, Lekki, has the knowledge and experience to provide the right advice and service when you need it.

Medsquare Pharmacy is a neighbourhood pharmacy under the wings of Madiba Mart Store, that offers a wide selection of both over-the-counter and prescription pharmaceutical products, with in-house pharmacists that offer professional consultative services.

Located at No. 72 Kusenla Rd, Lekki Penninsula II, Medsqaure Pharmacy has continued to set a standard in various health support services that benefit their clients within the Lekki axis and in neighbouring locations.

As your neighbourhood pharmacy, they are consequently a socially inclusive healthcare service providing a convenient and less formal environment for those who cannot easily access or do not choose to access other kinds of health service.

Benefits of a neighbourhood pharmacy

Get individualized advice and service

As your neighbourhood pharmacy, their experienced team is aware of your personal health situation and can recommend daily self-care which better suits your needs. It is best encouraged to get your meds and health support services from a pharmacy that knows your health situation.

Can work with your doctor

Going back and forth between your doctor’s appointments and the pharmacy is a whole lot of stress, especially for those suffering from a chronic illness which may require regular change or adjustment of medications. Medsquare pharmacy has built good relationships with most physicians and can contact your doctor for clarity regarding the prescription.

Save money on Expensive Medications

Some standard brands are usually quite not affordable to most patients. As a neighbourhood pharmacy, they work closely with clients to review their prescriptions and make appropriate substitutions that are affordable, and as a result, lower overall costs for prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Order and delivery options

Due to social distancing, quarantines, and restrictions, you too can avoid going to the pharmacy while having access to your medications, especially for people that have ongoing health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and lung disease that place you at high risk for complications if you become infected with the coronavirus. To ensure access to needed medications during the COVID-19 pandemic, you can order for your prescriptions and have them delivered to your doorsteps.

Easy access to get your vitals checked

You can request for tests for your sugar level or track your blood pressure while you walking in to get some medications, medical supplies or supplements, and these tests can be recorded and may also be used to put out other issues in the future.

Get more than just Meds

As a one-stop retail pharmacy for almost all your basic health needs, Medsquare pharmacy also offers other basic grocery items and supplies to make it all-in-one shopping experience and a better way to shop for your health.

For your medical and health needs, you can depend on Medsquare pharmacy. You can order for drugs and other pharmaceutical products here and have them delivered.

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