As the travel industry reopens following the COVID-19 shutdown, with people leery of shared spaces and crowds, renting a vacation home/apartment may be more popular than ever.

This is because, according to experts, a vacation rental—which doesn’t require interaction in public spaces and often allows for remote check-ins—can be a safer option than a hotel.

In a similar manner, short-let apartments such as Topaz Hotels and Apartments provides guests with all the necessary amenities with guaranteed comfort as the same as your home, where you can control all the exposures once you settle in.

Despite the fact that people are eager to start traveling again for both business and pleasure after been cooped up in their homes for long, we should not ignore the fact that there are still risks associated with doing so as long as the coronavirus is still in our midst.

However, if you are considering taking a vacation, experts say renting a short let apartment can be a relatively safe way to do it, provided the proper precautions are taken.

Below are the things you need to keep in mind while renting a vacation home/apartment to mitigate the risks.

Research Local Infection Rates

This can be done by monitoring the coronavirus situation at your desired destination through the state health department’s websites and other platforms such as the CDC.

Consider it not a great time to travel if the COVID-19 situation in your intended destination is uncontrolled or getting worse. It also advised to check yourself before traveling as to know if you pose a threat to others, especially when traveling from a place with a high rate of infection.

Quarantine yourself for two weeks before or after your arrival, and make sure you take your own groceries and other necessary home supplies since short let apartments make provision for it, unlike a hotel room.

Check Regulations and Restrictions

Each state and countries have their respective regulations such as mandatory quarantine orders applicable for visitors, stay at home orders, beaches, and parks limits and restrictions, etc.

Before you set out for your journey, get to know these regulations and restrictions which also applies for short let rentals. This also includes the refund policy on your booking in regard to new travel restrictions or in the case of COVID-19 outbreak within the locality which might likely not be covered by travel insurance.

Ask About Cleaning Protocols and Safety Measures

This is very essential since the COVID-19 can be easily spread through contaminated surfaces.

Topaz Hotels and Apartments for example has been on top of its cleaning protocols, by using approved cleaning and disinfectant products to spray, wipe and clean all highly touched surfaces within its premises.

In addition, they are strictly maintaining the rule of ‘’No Mask No Entry’’ practice to secure their guests and employees as well as temperature check at all the entry points.

Read reviews or reach out to host and enquire about their health and safety measures put in place for guests.

Travel Cautiously

Try as much as possible to avoid contacts, crowded places by practicing social distancing and make minimal stops especially only when it is necessary. Always wear your face masks and use your hand sanitizer when you touch anything.

Should you or any of your partners get sick and exhibit symptoms, don’t hesitate to isolate the person and call a doctor for advice or notify the appropriate department.

Verify Cleanliness

Do not only assume that your apartment has been cleaned and disinfected or has been empty for 24 before your arrival as promised.

Do a quick inspection, or better still do a thorough wipe-down yourself before you settle in. High touch places such as counters, faucets, doorknobs, refrigerator handles, etc. should be a point of focus.

Respect Health and Safety Signage and Rules

Most short let apartments have made a lot of changes to their property following the COVID-19 guideline rules and regulation by the authorities.

As can be witnessed in Topaz Hotels and Apartments, social distancing marks and signages are been used to control and manage the spread of COVID-19 for the safety of its guests and associates.

Always respect these signs for your safety.

Share Your Experience

After your stay, it also important to post your review especially on cleanliness and safety so as to help other guests to make an informed decision.

Meanwhile, as you start off with a weekend trip in Lagos, try visiting Topaz Hotels and Apartments.