The number of independent professionals such as freelancers, independent consultants, start-up employees etc. is increasing, with most of them working remotely. Results from the “Freelancing in America: 2017” (FIA), the most comprehensive measure of the U.S. independent workforce, shows that roughly 57.3 million Americans that made up 36%  of the U.S. workforce are freelancing. This is as a result of new business practices and communications technologies which have led many workers to offer their services outside of the traditional employment relationship.

Most independent workers are enjoying the benefits associated in working remotely which provides them with the opportunity of cutting overhead cost, balancing work with family responsibilities, reduce commute stress, flexible hours, and exercise control over work. But are these benefits all there is to be?

Of course, isolation and loneliness are still among the biggest considerable challenges facing remote workers. Working remotely keeps you solo and out of the crucible of human interaction and social aspect of being in an office provides.

The former Surgeon General of the United States, Vivek Murthy points out that loneliness is not just a social problem, but also a health problem, which can cause a reduction in lifespan similar to that caused by smoking 15 cigarettes a day and even greater than that associated with obesity.

An average number of teleworkers have been reported facing the challenges of isolation and loneliness associated with work and have delved in seeking alternatives.

‘’increasing numbers of remote and independent “gig economy” workers is one of the key reasons for the growing “loneliness epidemic” explained Vivek Murthy.

Having taken into basic, the effect of isolation and loneliness, Lagos Cowork has effectively structured a second to none millennial work setting characterized by its sharing community and member-based workspace where remote corporate workers can work together but independently, share ideas and information, engage in the community social events and can substantially reduce the isolation and loneliness associated with remote work.

Who We Are                                    

Operated by 3INVEST, Lagos CoWork is a collaborative workspace provider for entrepreneurs and growing businesses with the primary aim of creating a sharing community that inspires work.

Situated in one of the prime location in Lekki axis, Lagos State, Lagos Cowork offers remote workers, growing businesses and short project based organizations an innovative and flexible workspace with exceptional service and amenities where people co-work and invest in timeshare investment opportunities.

What We Do

With more freelancers who resorted in joining a coworking space are confessing the positive impact of the space to that of the effect of isolation and loneliness, Lagos CoWork with deep market knowledge, operational excellence and strong customer relationships, operates its workspace by providing the right properties and facilities to attract its customers and the right services to retain them and help them grow.

Our Millennial Work Setting

By understanding the importance of the millennial generation workforce to maintain employee retention and productivity, Lagos Cowork has been able to detect problem areas that adversely affect employee motivation, hence providing the best work environment that promotes social ties and the kind of culture that inspires people to do their best.

In addition to the benefit of social aspect of our community, members while exploring the community networking side of coworking have gained a lot of professional ties such as business referrals, increase work engagement and motivation thereby improving productivity and performance, which are very uncommon working from home or coffee shops.

Lagos Cowork has amply offered remote workers range of opportunities and choices worth more valuable than working from home or coffee shops. Likewise both, it provides a quiet spot for solo workers, socialize when need be and of course, provide members with café like a home while at the same time professionally connected, thereby making workspace ‘’A Happy-space’’.

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Article by : Kenechukwu Agu