Working from home appears to be so appealing, but the reality on the inside is completely contrary to this perception, it is more complicated as it seems.

Working from home means more time with your family and loved ones and this could come with a lot of distraction if not more, resulting in unproductivity.

Keeping the children engaged is one of the best strategies to avoid distractions and focus more on your work while working from home.

For most parents, coping with the increased demands of trying to entertain and educate their children while at the same time getting work done feels unsustainable.

For the past few months now, families across the globe have been forced into this situation as offices and schools have shut down in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), and to that effect, the situation feels impossible for parents to avoid.

Balancing work and parenting could be difficult but not impossible, to make this tenable we have listed some few guides and resources to keep the children busy while you keep that work rolling.

Here are 8 helpful tips 

  1. Have a designated home office
  2. The earlier the better
  3. Assign time for the kids
  4. Set goals and deadlines
  5. The kids also need a to-do list
  6. Offer incentives
  7. Take a break
  8. Rest

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