Vacation travel and business trips sound a whole lot of fun but sound even great when the ‘’lodging’’ experience is worth the value. Lodging should be as comfy as a home away from home, and Short-term vacation rentals are providing a whole host of amazing services and amenities that suits almost all the needs of their respective guests.

These lodging options offer a simple alternative to big-name hotel chains with the provisions of a variety of convenient in-house self-service amenities and today, more travellers are choosing to book a short-term rental rather than stay in a hotel than ever before.

They cater mostly to Business Travellers, Weekenders, Groups, Pleasure Seekers, Adventurers and to many who wish to explore life differently away from their conventional homes.

Short let serviced apartments come with a lot of benefits and flexibility which makes it the perfect solution whilst travelling away from home for a short period or longer, and this is how:

Amenities – More pleasant experience:

Short-lets are fully furnished rental that gives you the feel of a home away from home with extra services such as cleaning, free Wi-Fi along with complimentary tea and coffee. They also come with in-house facilities such as washing machines and dryer, and full kitchen.

Short-term vacation rentals such as Lifestyle18, offer to their guests access to spa and leisure facilities like gym house, swimming pool or Jacuzzi for a good price.

Flexible and Stress-free

Short let apartments are ideal for those who are constantly on the move, due to work, business or family commitments as moving out is so easy without being tied to long term rent.

More freedom is attached to short lets as they are readily available, the hassle of buying, bringing in and removing furniture when you leave is totally out of the question.

The rent comes with no deposit, less paperwork, and no notice period.


What is more convenient than booking instantly with just a click on a button? Lodges such as Lifestyle18 now make booking easier for travellers as bookings and reservations are now instantaneous without waiting for a response about availability.

Their online booking platform instantly shows you if a preferred choice of accommodation is available or not.

Accommodation cost

Variety of spaces such as different categories of 1,2 and 3 bedroom options allow far more alternatives that contain the space a single guest, group or family needs to relax and enjoy their trip without feeling cooped up or spending more on paying for multiple rooms in the case of a regular hotel model.

Why you should consider Lifestyle18

If you are planning to visit the city of Lekki, Lagos State, or you frequently visit for work or pleasure, there are various reasons why you should consider Lifestyle18.

LifeStyle18 is a block of short-let apartments, equipped with 18 tastefully furnished living quarters – 1 & 2 bedroom apartments, poised to take over the face of the hospitality arena in the Lekki area of Lagos. Lekki, LifeStyle18 promises to provide you with a wholesome treat as they parade the following facilities and services:

  • Skyline Fitness Centre which boasts of all the modern gym equipment for your fitness needs.
  • Glam-UP Salon is designed to identify the uniqueness in each woman AND accentuate this quality.
  • Skyline Spa offers a wide range of fantastic skincare and dermatological solutions including the traditional Thai massage – Hamman room, steam room and other facilities with professional hands to meet your respective needs. Available also is a world-class Jacuzzi that provides an aqua relaxation therapy for their esteemed guests. It can accommodate six to seven people at a time, with a widescreen TV for entertainment.
  • Lifestyle Laundry is fully fitted to take care of the laundry needs of the residents of the lifestyle apartments and beyond.
  • LS 18 (Lounge & Grill) is the rooftop lounge (outdoor and indoor). The all-white décor of the outdoor space gives you the feel of pure bliss and ecstasy. One also has a picturesque view of the skyline, as well as an exciting view of part of the Lagos metropolis from this spot. The night view is simply breath-taking!

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