The ravaging wave of COVID-19 has left collateral damage far and wide in many industries, and the restaurant industry, sustaining one of the heaviest blows has been suffocated by the coronavirus timeline.

Due to mandatory closures and social distancing rules, many restaurants closed their dining rooms and area in favor of delivery and takeout in order to stay afloat and sustain their business during the time of crisis.

They have had to not juts ty to adjust their business practices to align with the new trend but also to bring along customer bases that have historically looked elsewhere for off-premises consumption.

With this massive impact caused by the coronavirus pandemic, restaurant operators such as Kohinoor Restaurant in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, are rethinking their business model to find new ways to serve their customers.

In as much as the evolving consumer behavior perhaps makes the re-aligning strategies hard, restaurants can adapt to keep their doors open post-lockdown.

Contactless is the new norm

Even after COVID-19 fades, consumers would still want to minimize human contacts

Digital menus through QR Codes

The report shows that restaurant consumers are willing to leave home to purchase restaurant meals as long as there is a low or zero-contact way to pick up the orders. As a result, Kohinoor restaurant has emerged with a new strategy of offering an online weekly menu to its customers and consumers to enable them to choose their dishes without contact with the physical menu. they also offer drive-through or curb-side pickup for its customers.

However, this direct, contactless, and safe delivery and takeout options for guests who are either unwilling or unable to eat on-site tends to become a continuous trend even during post-COVID-19.

Order and off-premises delivery

Post COVID-19 will see restaurants creating a form that lists items on the menu and their quantity that allows a customer to choose dishes and submits the form through QR scanning. The restaurant staff will receive the order and process it.

As restaurants are witnessing more off-premises delivery. Kohinoor Restaurant currently announced its service known as Kohinoor Express Delivery Service, which is currently offering delivery service to its customers within Lekki/Ajah axis, Ikoyi, and VI. The ordering process is seamlessly a click on the go, which can simply be done through a link on their Instagram bio.

Health and safety beats taste

As restaurants are positioning to reopen, the focus would shift more to the measures and steps the restaurant has taken to ensure the health and safety of guests rather than the food.

With social distancing guidelines in place, restaurants should also drive the same health and safety concerns for guests in their dining room as same for delivery and pick-up. This will witness new layouts as increased space between tables, and elimination of host stand waiting areas to ensure contactless experience would become a basic measure.

Incorporating virtual waitlist and reservation platforms to manage and reduce capacities, minimize crowding, and waits around host stands will stand a good chance to ensure health and safety

Restaurants should take additional steps to make sure their consumers feel safe by screening everyone at the entry point to ensure that no one around is carrying COVID symptoms.

In a similar manner, Kohinoor restaurant is measuring the temperature of each guest using an infrared thermometer.

The COVID-19 pandemic had posed a huge threat to the restaurant industry, but that doesn’t mean there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Operators should take charge of the outcome to readjust and align with the new contactless model.

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